Maritime Security Cooperation - Curriculum 241

Academic Associate

Michael Malley, Ph.D.

Code 38, Glasgow Hall, Room 343

(831) 656-7528, DSN 756-7528


The Certificate Program in Maritime Security Cooperation is intended to provide U.S. and international students with an introduction to contemporary maritime security threats and the policies, institutions, and mechanisms through which the U.S. cooperates with its allies and partners to counter these threats. The program requires the successful completion of at least four graduate courses and 13 credit hours, including the one-credit hour introduction to Great Power Competition (NS4000) the four-credit hour NS3039 Maritime Security Cooperation and the four-credit hour NS4257 Security Sector Assistance in an Era of Strategic Competition. Students are able to tailor their studies to a specific region by selecting one of the courses listed below. Each student's required course work is developed individually under the direction of the cognizant Academic Associate.  Students may begin their course of study in any academic quarter. 


Fall, Spring

Program Length

3 months


  • Identify and describe the range of maritime security threats found throughout the world.
  • Identify and describe the principal obstacles to maritime security cooperation and the policies, institutions, and mechanisms that enable countries to overcome those obstacles.
  • Apply general knowledge about maritime security cooperation to specific scenarios in regions of interest to each student.

Typical Course of Study

NS4000 Great Power Competition: Current Policy and Strategy (one credit hour)

NS3039 Maritime Security Cooperation (new course) (four credit hours)

NS4257 Security Assistance and Cooperation in an Era Strategic Competition (four credit hours) or NS4580 US Security Cooperation in Latin America and Africa (four credit hours)

and one of the following courses:

Course Number Title Lecture Hours Lab Hours
 NS3320 United States Foreign Policy in the Middle East


 NS3321 United States Foreign Policy towards Africa  4 0
 NS3520 Latin American International Relations  4 0
 NS3621 International Relations of Southeast Asia  4 0
 NS4642 Chinese Foreign Policy  4 0
 NS4668 Strategy and Security in South Asia and the Indo-Pacific  4 0