Innovation and Design Certificate - Curriculum 109

Program Manager


Peter Denning, Ph.D.

Glasgow Hall East, Room 325


(831) 656-3603, DSN 756-3603


Academic Associate


Duane Davis, Ph.D.

Glasgow Hall, Room 212


(831) 656-2733, DSN 756-2733

Brief Overview

This certificate supports students who are working to bring an innovation into adoption.  The three courses teach how to design for a military environment, how processes of adoption work in organizations and communities, and how to learn the leadership skills to mobilize a community to adopt the innovation.  The certificate includes a capstone project that applies the learning from the three courses to design a significant innovation and bring it into adoption in a military community.  It includes coaching for the capstone project.  Program prerequisites: none.  Entry: 2.5 GPA and supervisor endorsement. 



Program Length

Four quarters


  • Students will learn the strategic skill of interpreting military history through the lens of technological change. In doing so, they will explore the common dynamics of success and failure in confronting emerging technologies.
  • Students will develop knowledge of commonly applied innovation adoption ideas, concepts, theories, frameworks and practices that are relevant for their military careers.
  • Students will learn the eight practices of innovation leadership and demonstrate them through a successful capstone project.
  • Students will define an innovation project that addresses a concern in a military community, design a new technology or process to deal with it, and bring it into early adoption.

Certificate Requirements

Required Courses

Course NumberTitleCreditsLecture HoursLab Hours
DA4104Militaries and Technological Change



MN3811Innovation Adoption & Implementation



CS4925Innovation Leadership



Capstone due in fourth quarter.  Capstone should be started by student in home department in Quarter 1 and be carried out in parallel with the courses. 

The particular capstone course use will be in the student’s home department.  For the three departments involved in this certificate, they are:

CS0809 (0-4) – CS department

GB4090 (0-6) – GSDM

DA4500 (0-4) – DA department