MN3010 Leading Innovative Organizations and People

Organizations, including defense organizations, are complex, purposive, open systems. As open systems, they face challenges of external adaptation and effectiveness and of internal coherence and efficiency. Our purpose is to understand the structures and processes that make up organizations in order to appreciate how they succeed and why they falter or fail. Our focus is on "organizational diagnosis", which requires us to apply relevant theories to evaluate organizational performance. To do this, we will examine topics that include: organizational structure, motivation and reward systems, organizational culture, power and conflict, effective teams, and the leadership characteristics involved in effectively managing today's organizations. Although these topics are relevant to all organizations, we will pay special attention to their application in the context of the Department of Defense and military organizations.


Enrollment in DDM Degree Program

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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Develop awareness of organizational and system dynamics in order to increase capacity to better diagnose and then manage organizations : analyze and diagnose motivation and incentive programs, assess and compare organizational cultures, evaluate organizational structures.
  • Apply theory and concepts and make connections with personal and/or professional experience to be able to influence wise action and decision making : identify and select appropriate leadership competencies, propose appropriate interventions.
  • Demonstrate in-depth analytical skills through proactive reflection and critical thinking in writing, peer interaction, and class discussions : analyze organizational problems and opportunities, apply relevant theory to different situations, work collaboratively in teams.