Transfer of Credits

Upon admission to the Naval Postgraduate School, each student's academic record will be evaluated for possible transfer of credit or for exemption from portions of the curricular program by validation of course work previously completed. Students may utilize knowledge gained through self-study or experience of service-related education to seek validation. They may also take a departmental examination to gain credit for curricular courses.

Twelve hours of graduate-level courses previously completed may be accepted for transfer credit. These include graduate-level courses taken after completion of the baccalaureate degree and those taken in the last term before award of the baccalaureate if certified to be in excess of degree requirements.

Initial permission to transfer a specific course to serve as a substitute for a degree requirement will be determined by the Department Chairman or equivalent person responsible for nominating candidates for degrees at NPS and must be pre-approved in a coherent plan of study for the student. Final approval of transfer credits shall be given by the Academic Council upon the recommendation of the Department Chair. Regardless of transfer credits allowed, all NPS master's degrees still require at least 20 quarter-credits be earned directly from NPS.

Questions on transfer credit should be directed by letter to the appropriate curricular Academic Associate as listed in this catalog.