Equal Opportunity Environment

Institutional and individual discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, religious stereotypes, or age not only directly contradict the Navy core values, but also severely inhibit the ability of our student body to pursue their academic goals. Because of this, these behaviors by students, staff, and faculty will not be tolerated at NPS. 

All complaints will be handled in accordance with the applicable military instructions, NPS regulations, or international agreements and can be adjudicated in either a formal, informal, or alternative manner depending on the situation and parties involved. Disciplinary or administrative actions include, but are not limited to, NJP by the respective service, UCMJ charges, or disenrollment from NPS.

Should students observe or feel they have been the victim of an equal opportunity issue they are encouraged to initially inform their Program Officer. Due to the diversity of our student body, staff, and faculty, complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment will be given considerable attention and will be closely monitored by the President to ensure they are properly handled by the chain of command.