Oceanography PhD - Curriculum 443

Program Officer

CDR Pamela Tellado

Spanagel Hall, Room 304

(831) 656-2045, DSN 756-2045


Academic Associate

James MacMahan, Ph.D. (Oceanography)

Spanagel Hall, Room 327C

(831) 656-2379, DSN 756-2379


Brief Overview

The Ph.D. program is in Physical Oceanography, including areas of study in ocean circulation theory, air-sea interaction, ocean acoustics, nearshore, and coastal/littoral oceanography among others.

Department of Oceanography admission requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy degree include:

A bachelor's degree with a high QPR or a highly successful first graduate year in a master's program, with clear evidence of research ability. A master's degree may be required before admission to candidacy. The minimum APC requirement for entry to this program is 233. An applicant to the Ph.D. program who is not already at NPS should submit transcripts of previous academic and professional work, plus results of a current Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test, to the Director of Admissions, Code 01C3, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California 93943-5100.


Fall, Spring

Program Length

36 months



Educational Skill Requirements (ESR)

The officer will have a thorough theoretical and functional knowledge (obtained at the doctorate level) of the principles of oceanography and its effects on naval warfare and weapons systems.