Meteorology PhD - Curriculum 387

Program Officer

CDR Pamela Tellado

Spanagel Hall, Room 304

(831) 656-2045, DSN 756-2045

Academic Associate

Scott Powell, Ph.D.

Code MR, Root Hall, Room 255

Brief Overview

The Ph.D. program is offered in the Department of Meteorology in the following areas of study: numerical weather prediction, geophysical fluid dynamics, boundary-layer meteorology, analysis of atmospheric systems and tropical meteorology. The requirements for the degree are grouped into three categories: course work, research in conjunction with an approved dissertation and examination in both the major and, if elected, a minor field. The minor field is usually in physical oceanography, mathematics or physics. The Department of Meteorology also may require a preliminary examination to show evidence of acceptability as a doctoral student. Prospective students should consult with the Chairman of the Department of Meteorology for further guidance regarding doctoral programs.