Mechanical Engineering PhD, Astronautical Engineering PhD, Aeronautical Engineering PhD - Curriculum 573

Program Officer

CDR Caleb MacDonald

Code 74, Watkins Hall, Room 107

(831) 656-2033, DSN 756-2033

Academic Associate

Joshua H. Gordis, Ph.D.

Code ME/Go, Watkins Hall, Room 313

(831) 656-2866, DSN 756-2866


The Department offers Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Astronautical Engineering, and Aeronautical Engineering. Students having a superior academic record may request entrance into the doctoral program. All applicants will be screened by the departmental doctoral committee for admission. The department also accepts officer students selected in the Navy-wide doctoral program, qualified international officers, and DoD civilian students.

An applicant to the doctoral program who is not already at NPS should submit transcripts of previous academic and professional work. Also all applicants are required to submit a current Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test to the Director of Admissions, Naval Postgraduate School, 1 University Circle, He-022, Monterey, California 93943.

Every applicant who is accepted for the doctoral program will initially be enrolled in one of the following programs: Mechanical Engineer, Astronautical Engineer, or Aeronautical Engineer Program; under a special option which satisfies the broad departmental requirements for the Engineer's degree, which includes research work. As soon as feasible, the student must identify a faculty advisor to supervise research and to help formulate a plan for advanced study. As early as practicable thereafter, a doctoral committee shall be appointed to oversee that student's individual doctoral program as provided in the school-wide requirements for the doctor's degree. Joint programs with other departments are possible.


Winter, Summer

Program Length

36 months