Cyber Operations Infrastructure - Curriculum 228 (Res)

Program Officer

Kehinde Adesanya "Kenny", LCDR, USN

Glasgow Hall East, Room E309

(732) 485-6203

Academic Associate

Duane T. Davis, Ph.D.

Code CS/Cey, Glasgow East, Room 212

831-656-2239, DSN 756-2239

Program Manager

Cynthia Irvine, Ph.D.

Code Cs/Ic, Glasgow East, Room 211

831-656-2461, DSN 756-2461

Brief Overview

The Cyber Operations Infrastructure certificate is a graduate-level, non-degree program designed to enable DoD and U.S. Government personnel to differentiate the various components of the infrastructure underpinning cyber operations for its effective use in all aspects of cyber operations.

The objective of the program is to prepare students to deploy cyber-specific assets appropriately within the DoD cyber infrastructure. Students will be able to assess how differing elements of the underlying cyber infrastructures impact cyber operations. Students will learn about the communications systems that support cyber operations and will be able to choose communications modes most suitable for a given cyber mission. They will be able to develop information usage strategies across distributed platforms and will be able to adapt their choices based upon the capabilities of these data-centric systems. They will be able to evaluate the benefits and weaknesses of infrastructure-dependent choices and will be able to integrate these choices in cyber mission planning. Students will be able to develop strategies for cyber operations in contested situations based upon their understanding of the infrastructure.

The program consists of four courses to be taken over a minimum of a four-quarter period in the case of distance learning students. Resident students may be able to complete the certificate in three academic quarters. The total number of NPS graduate credits obtained for the certificate is 15, depending upon the choice of courses. This certificate program may be applicable toward a master's degree program in Curriculum 326.

Requirements for Entry

  • A baccalaureate degree is required.
  • Recent completion, viz. within the past five years, of courses in computer and network security, computer and communications networks. Students lacking these prerequisites may be acceptable to the program through their undergraduate records and other indicators of success.
  • Command or company endorsement
  • A TS/SCI clearance is required


At the beginning of the Winter or Summer quarters. (January or July)

Program Length

Three quarters (9 months)



Graduate Certificate Requirements

The academic certificate program must be completed within three years of admission to the program. A student must maintain a 3.0 GQPR in the certificate program to be awarded a certificate.

Required Core Course

Course NumberTitleCreditsLecture HoursLab Hours
CY4400Cyber Mission Planning



And any three of the following:

Course NumberTitleCreditsLecture HoursLab Hours
CY4600Network Operations in a Contested Environment



CY3300Cyber Communications Architectures



EC3730Cyber Network and Physical Infrastructures



CY3650Foundations in Data Science



CS3670Secure Management of Systems



EC3760Information Operations Systems