Total Ship Systems Engineering (Under Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Program Director

Fotis A. Papoulias, Ph.D.

Code ME/PA, Watkins Hall, Room 323

(831) 656-3381, DSN 756-3381

Brief Overview

The objective of this program is to provide a broad-based, design-oriented education focusing on the warship as a total engineering system including hull, mechanical, electrical and combat systems. The program is for selected Naval Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Applied Physics of Combat Systems students and is structured to lead to the MSME, MSEE, or MS in Physics. Entry to the Total Ship Systems Engineering program is through the standard 533/570/590/591 curricula.


Total Ship Systems Engineering will generally fit as part of an eight or nine-quarter program, with TSSE elective commencing in October. The ease of accommodating TSSE in a student's program is influenced by the student's NPS entry quarter and undergraduate background and performance. Individuals interested in the program should explore the necessary course sequencing with the program officer or academic associate as early as possible.


Completion of this program will contribute toward the graduate's subspecialty code within his/her designated curriculum. The student will also receive 5602P subspecialty code for completion of the TSSE Program.

Typical Subspecialty Jobs

Upon award of the subspecialty code, the officer would be eligible for assignments typical of the P-Code. The expectation is that the combination of education and experience would lead to individuals qualified for assignment later in their career to more responsible positions in systems design and acquisition in NAVSEA, SPAWAR and OPNAV, and as Program Managers.