Electronic Warfare Engineer Academic Certificate - Curriculum 292

Academic Associate & Technical Point of Contact

David C. Jenn, Ph.D.

Code EC/Jn, Spanagel Hall, Room 414

(831) 656-2254, DSN 756-2254


Brief Overview

Provides students an understanding of the technical foundations found in electronic warfare at the system level and examines the impact of the physical environment. The certificate provides a solid engineering foundation which covers the fundamental concepts needed to understand how EW signals are affected by the environment and includes a survey of existing EW systems and analysis techniques. This program provides a mixture of instruction and computer-based laboratory exercises which offer students the opportunity to explore concepts and investigate applications in the electronic warfare area.

The three-course sequence is extracted from the current set of graduate courses required to complete the Sensor Systems Engineering specialization track offered by the ECE Department.

The total number of NPS graduate credits obtained for the certificate is 12.0. This certificate program can also be applied toward a master's degree program (Curriculum 592).

Requirements for Entry

  • Acceptance by the ECE Department: Entrance to the Electrical and Computer Engineering curriculum at Naval Postgraduate School is through a three-part requirement consisting of a minimum grade point average at the undergraduate level, a sufficient mathematics background, and a sufficient background in technical undergraduate studies. Applicants with a B.S.E.E. degree usually will satisfy the last two requirements automatically.
  • Command/Company endorsement.


Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Program Length

Four quarters




Upon completion of the certificate, student will have the skills and abilities required to:

1) analyze,

2) design, and

3) evaluate systems involving:

antennas, radiowave propagation, radar, communications, electronic warfare, and/or networked EW and apply these skills in a military systems environment.

Graduate Certificate Requirements

The academic certificate program must be completed within three years of admission to the program. A student must maintain a 3.0 GQPR in the certificate courses to be awarded a certificate.

Course Requirements

A three-course sequence composed of:

1. EC3600,

2. EC3615 or EC3630,

3. EC3700 or EC4685.

Course NumberTitleCreditsLecture HoursLab Hours
EC3600Antennas and Propagation



EC3615Radar Fundamentals



EC3630Radiowave Propagation



EC3700Joint Network-Enabled Electronic Warfare I



EC4685Principles of Electronic Warfare