Electronic Systems Engineering PhD - Curriculum 594



Program Officer

LCDR Brannon Chapman

Code EC/MA, Spanagel Hall, Room 401A

(831)656-2678, DSN 756-2859

Fax (831)656-2760 (ECE)


Academic Associate

Monique P. Fargues, Ph.D.

Code EC/Fa, Spanagel Hall, Room 456

(831) 656-2859, DSN 756-2859


Academic Associate

Roberto Cristi, Ph.D.

Code EC/Cr, Spanagel Hall, Room 452

(831) 656-2223, DSN 756-2223


Brief Overview

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has an active program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree. Joint programs with other departments are possible. A noteworthy feature of these programs is that the student's research may be conducted away from the Naval Postgraduate School in a cooperating laboratory or other installation of the federal government. The degree requirements are as outlined under the general school requirements for the doctor's degree.