Applied Mathematics PhD - Curriculum 381

Program Officer

LCDR Brannon Chapman

Code EC/MA, Spanagel Hall, Room 401A

(831)656-2678, DSN 756-2678

Fax (831)656-2760 (ECE) 

Academic Associate

Ralucca Gera, Ph.D.

Code MA, Spanagel Hall, Room 260

(831) 656-2230, DSN 756-2230

Fax: (831) 656-2355 

Brief Overview

The Department of Applied Mathematics offers the Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics degree. Areas of specialization will be determined by the department on a case by case basis. Requirements for the degree include course work followed by an examination in both major and minor fields of study, and research culminating in an approved dissertation. It may be possible for the dissertation research to be conducted off-campus in the candidate's sponsoring organization.

Entrance into the program will ordinarily require a master's degree, although exceptionally well-prepared students with a bachelor's degree in mathematics may be admitted. A preliminary examination may be required to show evidence of acceptability as a doctoral student. Prospective students should contact the Chairman of the Applied Mathematics Department or the Academic Associate for further guidance.


Completion of this curriculum also qualifies an officer as an Applied Mathematics Subspecialty with a code of 4100D.