OS3380 Combat Systems Simulation

This course provides an introduction to discrete and continuous time modeling of systems, especially combat systems. Students learn the fundamentals of simulation modeling and analysis, and construct increasingly sophisticated models of combat behavior. Students are introduced to Lanchester equations and other abstract models, as well as JANUS and other high resolution commercial combat simulation programs. Students reinforce and extend statistical skills by learning the principles for design and analysis of simulation experiments for estimation and comparison. The primary course objective is for the student to understand the enduring fundamentals of how combat models are built and used to support decision-making.


OS2080 or OS3180

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Course Learning Outcomes

·      To be able to build and analyze discrete-event simulation models.

·      To learn how to apply specific simulation techniques to combat systems.

·      Become familiar with simulation software tools.

·      Learn simulation experimentation methods.

·      Practice creating, running and analyzing a simulation model from start to finish.