OS3007 Operations Research for Energy Systems Analysts

A survey of operations research techniques with emphasis on techniques relevant to energy applications. Topics covered include optimization, stochastic modeling, simulation, and statistical methods including forecasting and system test and evaluation. Excel-based spreadsheet models are used to analyze energy systems and energy consumption logistics during wartime operations and during peacetime. Prerequisites: None.

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to assess realistic problems encountered in energy applications and employ appropriate tools for analyzing them. In particular, you will be able to:


·      Write mathematical formulations to model real-world optimization problems.

·      Evaluate the structure of these formulations and select appropriate solution methods.

·      Implement mathematical formulations using a software tool (Excel Solver).

·      Analyze solver output in terms of solution quality and sensitivity to changes in input parameters.

·      Formulate and solve defender-attacker optimization models.

·      Utilize appropriate techniques to forecast values of interest.

·      Assess the quality of your forecast in terms of uncertainty and any risks posed by this uncertainty.

·      Construct simulation models to model complex and/or nondeterministic energy systems.

·      Evaluate the output of these models and draw appropriate conclusions about the actual system.