OA3411 Introduction to Human Systems Integration

This course serves as the framework for examining Human Systems Integration in the context of Department of Defense Systems Acquisition as mandated by DoD Instruction 5000.2, Enclosure 7. This course provides an overview of the HSI domains: Human Factors Engineering, Personnel, Habitability, Manpower, Training, Environment Safety and Occupational Health, and Survivability. Principles of individual physiological and psychological capabilities and limitations and team attributes are also introduced. Prerequisites: None.

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Course Learning Outcomes

By the time you finish this course, you will be able to:
•Describe the field of Human Systems Integration, to include the similarities anddifferences that exist across the various organizations that engage in HSI.
•Describe the federal and service policies that govern the practice of Human SystemsIntegration in the acquisition process.
•Describe the major theories, concepts, and processes that comprise each of thedomains of HSI.
•Apply your knowledge of the HSI domains to how those domains contribute to – andinfluence – the acquisition of a DoD system.