MV3101 Introduction to Department of Defense Modeling and Simulation

This course serves as an important overview course for all students enrolled in the MOVES curricula, in addition to other curricula at NPS. It covers the origin, evolution, breadth and importance of DoD modeling and simulation (M&S), and the utilization of M&S in DoD system acquisition life cycle. The course focuses on the functional areas of DoD M&S, which are: Training, Analysis, Acquisition, Planning, Test, and Evaluation. Prerequisite: None.

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Statement Of Course Objectives


Course Learning Outcomes

Through individual and group assignments, students will demonstrate their ability to:


·       Critically read, write, comprehend, and summarize technical literature.

·       Given specifications, create and describe conceptual models.

·       Recognize and appropriately use key DoD Modeling and Simulation (M&S) terms.

·       Describe and explain DoD M&S domains and communities.

·       Explain the importance of Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (VV&A) principles and methods.

·       Identify challenges and conceptualize solutions in areas of interoperability, information assurance, and cyber security.

·       Gain/exercise professional judgement through critical analysis of models and simulations.