Marine Corps Professional Military Education at NPS

Marine Corps officers selected to attend NPS through the Commandant’s Career-Level Education Board (CCLEB) or the Commandant’s Professional Intermediate-Level Education Board (CPIB) can participate in Marine Corps PME seminar programs for captains and majors. The Marine Corps' College of Distance Education and Training (CDET) designs, develops, and delivers both of the Marine Corps' officer distance education programs (DEP): the Expeditionary Warfare School (EWSDEP) and the Command & Staff College (CSCDEP). Interested officers may contact the CDET MCAS Miramar Campus at or call 858-307-1373.

NPS JPME Requirement. Resident DON students shall have the opportunity to participate in the strategy and naval warfare focused courses embedded within their respective curricula, as well as in Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) offered through the Naval War College program at NPS. JPME provides courses in strategy and war, theater security decision making, and joint maritime operations. Curriculum sponsors and community managers shall determine the requirement for JPME for DON students at NPS.

Naval War College C & S option. Marine Corps officers attending NPS may enroll in the Naval War College Command and Staff program in lieu of the Marine Corps Command and Staff DEP. The Naval War College courses needed to complete the Navy C & S requirement while at NPS are: NW3230 (Strategy and War - one quarter), NW3275 and NW3276 (Joint Maritime Operations - two consecutive quarters), and NW3285 (Theater Security Decision Making - one quarter).