OS3661 Introduction to Modeling and Simulation in Test and Evaluation

This course introduces the use of modeling and simulation as a complement to physical testing in support of systems evaluation. The general relationships among modeling, simulation, test, and evaluation are introduced in context of systems acquisition life-cycle management. Forms of Live, Virtual and Constructive simulation in support of test planning, test execution, and systems analysis will be described, characterized, and illustrated with real-world examples. VV&A issues and opportunities relevant to the integrated use of simulation and testing in Systems Engineering and Acquisition will be identified. Strategies to optimize the use of scarce resources in executing test and evaluation programs will be provided. Methodologies for identifying and developing test MOEs, MOPs, and test scenarios will be introduced. Appropriate statistical concepts for evaluating Performance Guarantees and Specifications will be presented. Students in groups will develop a detailed T&E and Simulation Plan for a weapons system or future systems of systems concept. Prerequisites: None.

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