OS3640 Framework for Countering Improvised Explosive Devices

The course describes the use of improvised explosive devices in contemporary warfare with emphasis on how to organize to counter an IED campaign. The course begins with descriptions of IED devices, why and how they are used, methods and technology to counter IEDs, the IED organization, how to organize to counter an IED campaign, and how to target organizations that control IED violence. A framework is developed to understand and address the many interlocking aspects of countering an IED campaign including: insurgency and civil war; recruiting, training, and financing of IED makers; data collection; geospatial analysis; crime forensics; intelligence; detainee interrogations; reconstruction; political and economic development; society and culture; information operations; training local police, security forces, and military personnel; reconciliation; and negotiations. The class will be taught in the accelerated mode with four hours per week for the first six weeks of the quarter. There will be extensive reading, weekly homework, and a short paper. Graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Prerequisite: None.

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