CS4554 Network Modeling and Analysis

The purpose of this class is to learn to formally specify and analyze network protocols, emphasizing wireless protocols, and in the process acquire a thorough understanding of these protocols. Formal protocol models such as communicating finite state machines and systems of communicating machines will be used as a tool for this purpose. Some protocols other than wireless protocols may also be covered. Several research papers from recent years will be assigned reading. Cellular networking, IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, and wireless local loop networks will be covered as well. The class will study these protocols in the context of the network architectures and physical environments they are intended to perform in. Students should acquire an increased knowledge of formal tools, experience in protocol and system analysis, and a better understanding of protocols and networks. At the discretion of the professor, other advanced topics such as simulation and statistical analysis of networks and network protocols may be added and/or substituted for some of the topics above. The emphasis is on application of mathematical rigor to the analysis and description of networking protocols.



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