CS3697 Secure Management of Operational Technology Systems

This course provides students with a security manager's view of the diverse management concerns associated with administering and operating an industrial control system (ICS) with minimized risk. Students will learn how to manage operational technology (OT) systems in a DoD/DoN facility securely, legally and efficiently.


CS3600 and CS3690, or consent of the instructor.

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Course Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of an enforceable security plan, and the process of writing a security plan for an ICS.
  • Describe the impact on management of the wide variety of protocols used in ICS.
  • Identify technologies and practices used to securely manage ICS components.
  • Summarize the need for log management, monitoring, alerting, and auditing in an ICS environment, and the problems that can occur if there are wrong or missing log records.
  • Explain the purpose and content of a backup and recovery plan, and the decisions that need to be made regarding the protection of the backup data.
  • Recount mechanisms that can be used to enforce personnel and physical security policies.