Academic Organization

The Naval Postgraduate School has four graduate schools as well as several research and education institutes and centers. Academic departments and faculty are organized within four schools. Institutes and centers provide groups of faculty an additional structure for collaborative and interdisciplinary teaching and research activities. The Naval Postgraduate School also has a number of interdisciplinary committees and groups that oversee and advise education programs.

Graduate School of Defense Management

Management and Organizations Academic Area

Acquisition Management Academic Area

Financial Management Academic Area

Operations and Logistics Management Academic Area

Manpower and Economics Academic Area

Defense Resources Management Institute

Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Physics Department

Applied Mathematics Department

Oceanography Department

Meteorology Department

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

Space Systems Academic Group

Systems Engineering Department

Undersea Warfare Academic Group

Engineering Acoustics Academic Committee

Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences

Computer Science Department

Cyber Academic Group

Information Sciences Department

Operations Research Department

Defense Analysis Department

Graduate School of International and Defense Studies

National Security Affairs Department

International Graduate Programs Office

Center for Homeland Defense and Security

Center for Regional Maritime Strategy