Graduate Education Advancement Center (GEAC)


The Graduate Education Advancement Center (GEAC) provides support and resources to advance the quality of education at Naval Postgraduate School. We offer Instructional, institutional, programmatic, and research support through access to our instructional designers, visual designers, videography, educational programmers, communications specialists, and programmatic support specialists.

The GEAC is your resource for support in the following areas:

Teaching and Learning
Teaching and Learning (TL) supports faculty across all the stages of their academic careers, Promoting Excellence in Teaching to Advance Learning (PETAL). TL provides resources that foster quality, professional development, and successful teaching— featuring a learner-centered course development process, the integration of instructional methods and assessments with educational technologies to promote knowledge integration, scholarly teaching, and enhanced teaching portfolios.

POC: Ali Rodgers, Director of the Office of Teaching and Learning
Phone: (831) 656-7696

Learning Experiences
Learning Experiences (LE) coordinates the identification, orientation, and training for piloting educational hardware and software solutions that support NPS teaching and learning. LE supports new pedagogical strategies through the development and promotion of TLC Mini-Grant and FLEx Spaces initiatives.

POC: Nicole Lewis, Coordinator of Education Innovation
Phone: (831) 656-7547

Educational Research & Program Development
Educational Research & Program Development (ER/PD) supports the continuous improvement of NPS academic programs. ER/PD services include market research for new and existing curriculums, research and strategic communication plans for the promotion of academic programs, and effective delivery of promotions using best practices in educational outreach.

POC: Miriam Bergue Alves, Ph.D., Director of Educational Research and Program Development