Computer Science PhD - Curriculum 384

Program Officer

Tye Wylkynsone, LT, USN

Glasgow East, Room 309

(831) 656-7980, DSN 756-7980

Academic Associate

Karen Burke

Code CS/As, Glasgow East, Room 225

(831) 656-3988, DSN 756-3988, FAX (831) 656-3339

Brief Overview

The Ph.D. is the highest degree awarded by universities in the United States and represents the pinnacle of academic achievement. The mission of the Ph.D. degree program in Computer Science is to provide an advanced education in Computer Science to both U.S. and international military personnel and government civilians, advance the basic understanding of the theory and practices of computing, and contribute to the creation and consolidation of knowledge in computer science for the U.S. Department of Defense. We equip our students with the expertise necessary to independently perform state-of-the art research, to formulate and develop creative solutions to novel and existing problems, and to intelligently manage the research of others. In addition to a resident curriculum, the program also supports distance learning options to accommodate special circumstances of military or government civilian students who cannot leave their duty stations on a long term basis.

Requirements for Entry

U.S. military officers, foreign military officers, U.S. government civilians and employees of foreign governments may apply. An applicant should have a Master’s Degree (or in progress of getting a Master’s Degree) in Computer Science. Generally, an acceptable Ph.D. applicant must have above-average grades in a typical Master’s degree program. The Computer Science Ph.D. Committee will also take other evidence of research or academic ability into account in making a recommendation as to whether to admit an applicant.

Specifics on the Ph.D. in Computer Science program are found in the linked CS Department Ph.D. Handbook.