Anti-Submarine Warfare Certificate - Curriculum 274

Academic Associate & Technical Point of Contact

Roberto Cristi, Ph.D.
Code EC, Spanagel Hall, Room 462 

(831) 656-2223, DSN 756-2223

Brief Overview

The ASW Certificate consists of a sequence of four highly technical courses designed to provide our civilian and active-duty workforce with a learning experience which extends their general undergraduate education to include the essential concepts, equations, and skill sets needed to understand, design, and use ASW systems. The web-based courses are paced week-to-week by the instructors, but students have the flexibility to do coursework at times of their choosing during each week.

The total number of NPS credits obtained for the certificate is 11 graduate and three undergraduate.

Requirements for Entry

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution including a course in single-variable calculus, a course in calculus-based physics and calculus-based probability.

Entry Date

At the beginning of spring quarter in the academic year.

Program Length

Four quarters with a one quarter break in the fall to provide time to review calculus and/or probability if desired.

Graduate Certificate Requirements

The academic certificate program must be completed within three years of admission to the program. A student must maintain a 3.0 GQPR in the certificate courses to be awarded a certificate.

Required Courses

Course NumberTitleCreditsLecture HoursLab Hours
PH3401Introduction to the Sonar Equations



OC2930Oceanography for Undersea Warfare



EO3404Applied Digital Signal Processing



OS3680Naval Tactical Analysis



The standard courses in the ASW Certificate are PH3401 Intro to Sonar Equations, OC2930 Intro to Oceanography for USW, OS3680 Naval Tactical Analysis, and EO3404 Applied Signal Processing. When resident students take the certificate, they may substitute equivalent or superior resident courses where possible.

Acceptable substitutes for PH3401 are PH3452 Underwater Acoustics, OC3260 Sound in the Ocean, or PC3400 Survey of Underwater Acoustics.

An acceptable substitute for OC2930 is OC3230 Descriptive Physical Oceanography.

Acceptable substitutes for EO3404 are EO3402 Signals and Noise or EC3400 Digital Signal Processing.

An acceptable substitute for OS3680 is OA3602 Search Theory.