Lead Systems Integrator Certificate - Curriculum 232

Program Point of Contact

Ronald Carlson, Professor of Practice
NAS Patuxent River, MD

(301) 757-9743


Academic Associate

Warren Vaneman, Professor of Practice
Systems Engineering Department

Code SE, VA

(571) 364-5126


Brief Overview

The Department of Systems Engineering offers a four-course academic certificate in Lead Systems Integration. The courses are designed to provide graduate level courses for senior government engineers, preparing them to assume positions as Lead System Integrators through the exploration of design and trade-off analyses of SoS architectures, the execution of SoS acquisitions, and the engineering implications to the role of the LSI in contract management. The four courses are offered by distance learning with the final course culminating in a one week onsite executive experience with face-to-face seminars, discussions and exercises.

Eligibility and Admissions Standards

The following are eligible for this program:

  • Active Duty US Military Officers*
  • US Government Civilians (GS)
  • Active Duty Enlisted Personnel
  • DoD contractors
  • International Students**

*Per OPNAVINST 1520.23C, a Navy officer will incur a 1 year service obligation upon completion or withdrawal from the R&ME Certificate Program.

**International Students: Ensure that you read and understand the eligibility requirements and application process.


  • GPA of 2.6 or better in a technical discipline
  • Minimum of 5 years acquisition experience

Entry Date

As required.

Program Length

12 months.

Certificate Requirements

Required Courses

Course NumberTitleCreditsLecture HoursLab Hours
SE3411System of Systems Program Definition and Concept Development



SE3412System of Systems Design and Development



SE3413System of Systems Integration, Qualification and Lifecycle



SE4414LSI - Leadership in System Integration