Applied Physics PhD - Curriculum 537

Program Officer

CDR Richard Arledge

Watkins Hall, Room 107

(831) 656-2033, DSN 756-2033

Academic Associate

Christopher Smithtro, Ph.D.

Code PH/Sc, Spanagel Hall, Room 206A

(831) 656-3939, DSN 756-3939

Brief Overview

The Department of Physics offers the Ph.D. in several areas of specialization which currently include acoustics, electro-optics, free electron lasers, space physics, and theoretical physics.

Requirements for the degree may be grouped into three categories: courses, dissertation research, and examinations.

The required examinations are outlined under the general school requirements for the Ph.D. In particular, the department requires a preliminary examination to show evidence of acceptability as a doctoral student. This examination may be taken before or after commencement of graduate studies at NPS.

The department offers two options for the Ph.D.: major in Physics or major in Applied Physics. For the major in Physics, a minimum of 40 credit hours of physics courses at the 4000 level is required. The major in Applied Physics also requires 40 credit hours of 4000 level courses, but a portion of these hours may be taken in other departments in technical subjects related to physics.

A more detailed description of departmental requirements for the Ph.D. is contained in the booklet "Doctoral Study in Applied Physics at the Naval Postgraduate School," available from the Academic Associate.

An applicant to the Ph.D. program who is not already a student at NPS should submit transcripts of previous academic and professional work, plus results of a current Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test, to the Director of Admissions, Code 01C3, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California 93943-5100.