Professional Masters of Business Administration (DL) - Curriculum 865

Program Officer

Christina Hart
Code GB, Ingersoll Hall, Room 302
(831) 656-6269, DSN 756-6269

Academic Associate

Nicholas Dew, Professor
Code GB, Ingersoll Hall, Room 315
(831) 656-3622, DSN 756-3622

Brief Overview

The Professional Master of Business Administration (DL; distributed learning) equips students with essential skills and knowledge to effectively lead in defense management.  The program has a flexible design that provides sponsoring agencies and students the ability to achieve their particular professional goals by selecting a combination of courses and/or certificates that met their specific needs.  The program provides students with a solid background in management fundamentals:financial management; economic analysis; operations and logistics, and acquisition management.  The PMBA (DL) may be completed by stacking several graduate-level certificates together.

The PMBA (DL) is open to Naval officers and civilians, officers and civilians from other DoD services and agencies, international students, and defense contractors.  The program can be completed in up to 60 months.

Requirements for Entry

A baccalaureate degree with above-average grades is required. Completion of at least two semesters of college algebra or trigonometry is considered to be the minimum mathematical preparation. An APC of 345 is required for entry. International students should refer to the Admissions section for current TOEFL and entrance requirements.

PMBA (DL) degree requirements

Typical Course of Study

Defense Management Foundations certificate (Curriculum 192):

  •  GE3070: Economics for Defense Managers
  • GE4053:  DoD Mission and Resource Determination
  • MN4474: Organizational Analysis
  • GE3042:  Process Analytics
  • MN3303: Principles of Acquisition and Contract Management

Other GSDM courses:

  • GE3040:  Statistics for Executive Management
  • GE3109:  Ethics and Moral Development
  • MN4105: Strategic Management
  • MN4999: GSDM Elective Course
  • MN4999: GSDM Elective Course

Certificates from any NPS program*:

  • Certificate course #1
  • Certificate course #2
  • Certificate course #3
  • Certificate course #4

*A wide range of certificates may be available, including the following:

  • Advanced Acquisition Studies - Curriculum 218 (DL)
  • Principles of Analytical Management Certificate - Curriculum 202 (DL)
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis and Program Evaluation - Curriculum 230 (DL)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) Management Certificate - Curriculum 198 (DL)