Strategic Leadership - Curriculum 205 (Resident)

Program Officer

Matt Geiser, CDR, USN

Code GB, Ingersoll Hall, Room 219A

(831) 656-3953, DSN 756-3953 


Academic Associate

Nicholas Dew
Ingersoll Hall, Room 315

(831) 656-3622


Brief Overview

Strategic thinking is central to military organizations, yet it can be very difficult. Completion of this certificate increases students’ ability to think strategically; to understand and analyze trends in the strategic environment; and to be influential, strategic leaders. Students will examine historical examples and best practices in organizations, obtain a better appreciation of senior leadership perspectives on organizational strategy, and improve their analytical and critical thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and their own organization.  As a result of improved strategic thinking, organizational analysis skills, and strategic communication competencies, students will be better prepared to develop productive strategies and lead their organizations toward greater performance.

Four-quarter certificate

This certificate requires the completion of four courses (at least 12 credits) that were not counted for another certificate.


The following courses are required:

  • GB3012 Communication for Managers

  • GB4014 Strategic Management

  • GB3010 Managing for Organizational Effectiveness


The following courses are elective. Students should take at least one of them:

  • GE3109 Ethics and Moral Development

  • MN3811 Innovation Adoption and Implementation

  • GB3400 Critical Thinking for Strategic Leadership