Managerial Logistics Certificate - Curriculum 220 (DL)

Program officer

Matt Geiser, CDR, USN
Code GB, Ingersoll Hall, Room 219A

(831) 656-3953, DSN 756-3953 

Academic Associate

Geraldo Ferrer
Ingersoll Hall, Room 321

(831) 656-3290

Program Manager

Christina Hart
Code GB, Ingersoll Hall, Room 334

(831) 656-6269, 756-6269

GSDM Operations and Logistics Management faculty designed this certificate to equip students with the logistics leadership skills based on rigorous applied analytical and managerial methods.
It is designed for both civilian and military managers who are looking to upgrade and update their professional skills.

Upon completion of the certificate, students will be able to:
-- lead process improvement efforts in logistics,
-- implement effective supply chain strategies, and
-- manage innovation in inter-organizational relationships.

This certificate requires prior completion of GB/GE3040, GB/GE3042, and GB/GE4043.

Five-Quarter Certificate (1 course/quarter)

This certificate requires the completion of five courses (at least 15 credits) that were not counted for another certificate.

The following courses are required:


The following courses are elective. Students should take at least two of them:

  • GE4016 Strategic Management OR

  • MN4105 Strategic Management

  • MN3118 Negotiation and Consensus Building

  • MN3811 Innovation Adoption and Implementation

  • MN4474 Organizational Analysis OR

  • GE3010 Organizations as Systems and Structures