Advanced Contract Management Certificate-Curriculum 243 (Resident)

Program Officer

Matt Geiser, CDR, USN

Code GB, Ingersoll Hall, Room 219A

(831) 656-3953, DSN 756-3953 

Academic Associate

Brett Schwartz, CDR, USN

Ingersoll Hall, Room 306

(831) 656-6976

Brief Overview:

The Advanced Contract Management Certificate is a graduate academic certificate program available to NPS resident and distance learning students.  Designed for students interested in advanced concepts of Contract Management.  This certificate supports continuous acquisition reform initiatives mandated by Congress and senior leaders and also supports initiatives to educate operational warfighters in the business of contract management.  The certificate contributes to Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) certification in the Contract Management career field in conjunction with the Basic Contract Management Certificate.  Requirements for Entry: a baccalaureate degree defined in section 4.2 of the Academic Council policy manual.  Entry Dates:  at the beginning of any quarter throughout an academic year (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct).  Program Length:  for resident students, the certificate length flexible and students can take the classes in any academic quarter.  For the DL certificate, students will have three years to complete the course requirements.  Graduate Certificate Requirements:  requirements for the Basic Contract Management Certificate are met by successful completion of the four courses and graduate credit is obtained by maintenance of 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.

Advanced Contract Management Certificate

Course NumberTitleCreditsLecture HoursLab Hours
MN3315Acquisition Management And Contract Administration



MN3318Operational Contract Support & Contingency Contracting



MN4311Contracting for Services



MN4371Acquisition and Contracting Policy



This certificate requires the completion of four courses (at least 12 credits) that were not counted for another certificate.

The following courses are required:

  • MN3315 Acquisition Management and Contract Administration
  • MN4311 Contracting for Services
  • MN4371 Acquisition and Contracting Policy
  • MN3318 Contingency Contracting or an acceptable related substitute approved by the AA