Degrees Conferred

Meeting the highest academic standards, the curricula are tailored to address defense and national security requirements and are developed within the framework of classical academic degrees.

For details, see Degree-Specific Requirements.

Master of Arts

  • Identity Management and Cyber Security
  • Security Studies (Middle East, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Security Studies (East Asia and the Indo-Pacific)
  • Security Studies (Western Hemisphere)
  • Security Studies (Europe and Eurasia)
  • Security Studies (Civil-Military Relations)
  • Security Studies (Strategic Studies)
  • Security Studies (Homeland Security and Defense)
  • Security Studies (Combating Terrorism: Policy and Strategy)

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

  • Executive Master of Business Administration

Master of Cost Estimating and Analysis

Master of Computing Technology

Master of Engineering

  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Master of Engineering Acoustics

Master of Engineering Science

Master of Human Systems Integration

Master of Operational Analysis (Warfare)

Master of Science

  • Applied Design for Innovation
  • Applied Cyber Operations
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Physics
  • Applied Science (Acoustics)
  • Applied Science (Operations Research)
  • Applied Science (Physical Oceanography)
  • Applied Science (Signal Processing)
  • Astronautical Engineering*
  • Combat Systems Technology
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Contract Management
  • Cyber Systems and Operations
  • Defense Analysis
  • Electrical Engineering*
  • Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Acoustics
  • Engineering Science (Aerospace Engineering)
  • Engineering Science (Astronautical Engineering)
  • Engineering Science (Computer Engineering)
  • Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering)
  • Engineering Science (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Engineering Systems
  • Human Systems Integration
  • Information Strategy and Political Warfare
  • Information Technology Management
  • Information Warfare Systems Engineering
  • Management
  • Mechanical Engineering*
  • Meteorology
  • Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
  • Modeling Virtual Environments and Simulation
  • Network Operations and Technology
  • Nuclear Operations
  • Operations Research
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Physics
  • Product Development
  • Program Management
  • Remote Sensing Intelligence
  • Software Engineering
  • Space Systems Operations
  • Strategy (Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications)
  • Strategy (Space Operations)
  • Systems Engineering*
  • Systems Engineering Analysis
  • Systems Engineering Management
  • Systems Technology (Command, Control & Communications)

Master of Systems Analysis

Professional Master of Business Administration


(Typically requires one year of study beyond the master's degree)

  • Astronautical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Physics
  • Astronautical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Acoustics
  • Information Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Meteorology
  • Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation
  • Operations Research
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Security Studies
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

*Apart from institutional accreditation, the Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Science's Electrical, Mechanical, Systems and Astronautical Engineering degree programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Committee (EAC) of ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012 – telephone: (410) 347-7700.