UW2003 Undersea Warfare – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

A study of the three Undersea Warfare (USW) areas of Submarine Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), and Subsea and Seabed Warfare (SSW). This course provides students with a firm understanding of the underlying principles of USW, to include how these principles have been applied for military gain, how each contributed to the evolution and prioritization of the area of Submarine Warfare, ASW, and SSW, and how these are reflected in the challenges and opportunities that the USW community faces today. This course seeks to review historical developments in each area with an analytical eye to pull out the key trends, developments, challenges, and opportunities that have defined USW over time. These elements are then used to review current and future developments, challenges, and opportunities in USW, enabling students to learn from the past and use it to inspire evolutionary and revolutionary solutions to the pressing USW issues of today and tomorrow.

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UW2001 or permission of the instructor



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  • Summer

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  • Secret