UW2002 Undersea Warfare - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

A study of Submarine Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, and the new concept of Sub-Sea Warfare using a thematic approach. Each of these Undersea Warfare areas will be taught using applicable themes such as sensor and weapon capabilities, command and control, organization, training, and strategy. A basic Undersea Warfare framework will provide historical perspective in each of the three Undersea Warfare areas, emphasizing the status yesterday, what it is today and why, and where we need to be tomorrow. The new area of Sub-Sea Warfare, which encompasses unmanned vehicles, sea-bed infrastructure, distributed networks, and irregular warfare, will also be introduced and discussed. Upon course conclusion, students will have an appreciation of the current status of Undersea Warfare in the Navy today, where the problems and challenges exist, and how the knowledge gained from their Undersea Warfare curriculum will help the Navy develop solutions to these problems and challenges.


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