SS4055 Space Operations for the Warfighter

SS4055 provides the 366 curriculum a culminating experience in space operations analysis, integration, and planning.  Students will leverage the tools and products that they were exposed to and built in previous courses (primarily SS3001 and SS3051) and use those tools to analyze a threat driven scenario, culminating in the production of a Space Operational Plan (OPLAN) or Space Appendix to an OPLAN.


SS3001, SS3613, and SS3051 or permission of the instructor

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Quarter Offered

  • Winter

Security Clearance Required

  • Top Secret SCI


  1. Students can describe the purpose of a staff estimate, how it evolves over time, and how and where to find and write information into a plan or appendix to a plan with a focus on space operations.
  2. Students can describe the purpose of the strategic guidance documents, the role of the CJCS as the Global Integrator, and how the JSCP drives planning across multiple combatant commands.
  3. Students can describe the concepts that govern comprehensive adversary focused deterrence and how space operations are integrated into comprehensive adversary focused deterrence operations.
  4. Students utilize the elements of design and the JPP to develop a solution to a military operation with a focus on space operations that support, enable, or are supported by terrestrial operations.
  5. Students can write a doctrinally based Space OPLAN or Space Appendix to an OPLAN.