SE3050 Introduction to Digital Engineering with Model-Based Systems Engineering

An introduction to the fundamentals of a digital engineering using a model-based systems engineering approach. The focus is on developing skills expected of all engineers working in a digital engineering environment. At the core of digital approaches to model-based systems engineering is problem-solving in a disciplined and rational manner using modeling languages applied to modeling methods. You will develop abilities to model, design, communicate, and collaborate as engineers applying modeling languages, modeling methods, and ontologies to develop digital artifacts using critical thinking, teamwork, collaboration, communication, and systems thinking. The course includes the application of model-based systems engineering tools and methods to an integrative lab project, as well as development of communication skills through oral presentations and written reports.



Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Quarter Offered

  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer


  1. Demonstrate skills expected of all systems engineers working in a digital design environment.
  2. Develop attributes enabling you to think and work as systems engineers using model-based systems engineering tools in a digital environment.