PC3200 Physics of Electromagnetic Sensors and Photonic Devices

An introductory survey of the physics of active and passive electromagnetic detection systems, primarily for Combat Systems students who do not elect to follow the Electromagnetic Sensors specialization track. Basic radiometry. Introduction to radar: ranging, pulse rate and range ambiguity, Doppler measurements, radar equation, target cross-sections, antenna beam patterns and phased arrays. Optoelectronic displays: CRTs, LEDs, LCDs, plasma displays. Introduction to lasers: transitions, population inversion, gain, resonators, longitudinal and transverse resonator modes, Q-switching, mode-locking, laser applications. Photodetection basics: noise and its characterization, photovoltaic, photoconductive and photoemissive detectors, image intensifiers, CCDs, night vision systems. Introduction to optical fibers and their applications.


PH2652, PH3352, PH3292

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  • Fall
  • As Required