OC4270 Tactical Oceanography

Course emphasizes the tactical use of the environment and battlespace characterization as a force multiplier in naval operations including acoustic undersea warfare, special operations, amphibious warfare, and mine warfare. Using tailored lectures, students will examine oceanographic conditions and the ability for naval forces to exploit them in nearshore, coastal and deep ocean settings. Current acoustic prediction models, remote sensing, tactical decision aids and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) will be utilized by students as they explore a broad spectrum of environmental conditions and methods for exploitation by naval forces. Students will also utilize the R/V PT SUR to perform experiments and analyze data relating to acoustic propagation and the ocean. SECRET Clearance and US Citizenship is required. Lecture series is UNCLASSIFIED.


OC3260 or permission of the instructor


For METOC Students: OC4267. For USW Students: EC4450

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Quarter Offered

  • As Required

Security Clearance Required

  • Secret