OC4210 Littoral Field Studies

Employs the scientific method for studying nearshore and wave processes using field observations in littoral battlespace environments. Monterey Bay, CA will be used as a natural laboratory for studying a plethora of littoral related topics. Students will design a small nearshore field experiment or set of experiments, deploy state-of-the-art instrumentation, and analyze data to test relevant nearshore hypotheses. Students will write a mini-proposal with budget focused on their scientific hypothesis, experiment, and analysis, and write a scientific final report. Introductions and limitations of instrumentation will be discussed and integrated into the field design, which will include deployment schemes and subsequent analyses. Data quality control and analysis techniques will be described and implemented. In particular, tidal harmonic analysis will be introduced and performed. The course is divided into 1) in-class discussions (instrumentation, deployment schemes, and data analysis techniques), and 2) field exercises that require student participation in performing the proposed small experiments. There is a high probability that students will get wet, but it is not a requirement.


OC3140; OC3150; Matlab familiarity; or consent of instructor

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Quarter Offered

  • Fall
  • Spring