OA4608 Foreign Military Operations Research

This course considers military operations research (OR) of foreign countries that are of current concern to DoD. Because many of these have been military clients of the former Soviet Union, the course will take Soviet military O/R as a point of departure for study. Asymmetries between Soviet and American military O/R are emphasized. Exploitation of such information is discussed. Course content will change as concerns change. Topics have included: Soviet military O/R textbooks, use of combat models in automated systems of troop control (Soviet C3), Soviet combat models, network models for planning and control of combat operations, target-engagement models, models for reconnaissance/intelligence processes, modeling of deception, automated artillery fire planning, strategic models. English translations of major Soviet works on military O/R will be supplied. SECRET clearance and U.S. citizenship.



Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Quarter Offered

  • Spring

Security Clearance Required

  • Secret