NS3026 Introduction to Post-Conflict Security Building

This course introduces students to the fuller program, intended to prepare them to work together in operations that build security in post-conflict environments. As such, it provides both conceptual tools for thinking about post-conflict security building and empirical referents to ground later study. Military strategists have written much about going to war, but have given less consideration to the movement from war to peace. How can one think strategically about the post-conflict environment? This course introduces students to characteristics of post-conflict environments and the diverse actors seeking to shape it. The course draws upon real-world cases to identify patterns of conflict and their consequences for post-conflict transition. In particular, the course will focus on interventions by external actors, civilian and military, in peace implementation. What are the typical components of post-conflict security building programs? This course covers practical issues in, and normative dimensions of, post-conflict security building. PREREQUISITE: None.

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