NS3001 War and Its Impact on Post-Conflict Reconstruction

The problem of post-conflict reconstruction is hardly a new one. In the past, victors in wars frequently had to manage and rebuild societies shattered by conflict. This course will examine historical examples of post-conflict reconstruction. War creates a competitive environment exploited by groups who seek political power. This competition begins while the war is under way. Competitors seek to place themselves in a position to take advantage of the new post-war environment by choosing allies and enemies, perhaps also arming themselves. On the new post-war playing field, old antagonisms assume new guises. Groups who might have been insignificant or repressed before the conflict can often exploit the new post-war environment to seek power. The military may also be strengthened by war, posing challenges to civilian governments or occupying powers. Social disorder, economic dislocation, and the delegitimization of old political groups or ideas may invite chaos and even civil war. Prerequisites: None.

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