MX2001 Introduction to Physics-Based Modeling and Simulation

This course is intended for DoD non-technical acquisition professionals who do not have engineering or science degrees so that they can obtain a general understanding of key M&S capabilities necessary for design, analysis, and maintenance of engineering systems. The course will introduce basic concepts in the modeling of engineering systems. The steps involved in the idealization of systems to produce a "computable" model will be discussed. Examples will involve structural, thermal, fluid, and electrical aspects. Fundamental physical quantities such as rates of change, (e.g. acceleration, stress) and force will be defined heuristically. The simulation of simple physical processes (e.g. falling object) will described and simple simulation algorithms will be described. No computer programming is required. Spatial discretization, finite difference and finite element methods will be introduced. This course may not be used to fulfill ME/AE degree program requirements. Prerequisites: None.

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  • As Required