MV4700 Frontiers in Modeling & Simulation

MV4700 serves as a seminar-like course that provides students with a perspective on how technology and techniques are evolving in the development and use of Models and Simulations (M&S). This course requires students to take the information that they have learned throughout the degree and apply it to a hypothetical future problem in a selected DoD M&S application area. The course will survey M&S developments and uses across several domains such as manufacturing, the military, healthcare, gaming industry, and corporate business.  Topics may vary from year to year. Pedagogical methods will include online pre-recorded lectures, topical papers, independent research, and class discussion. The overall educational goal is for students to think creatively about how emerging M&S technologies and methodologies might be used to improve, training, acquisition, analysis, quality, productivity, or safety within selected DoD domains.


Frontiers in M&S relies on foundational material covered in MV3101 and OA3401.

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours


Quarter Offered

  • As Required
  • Spring


  1. Students will be exposed to cutting edge models and simulations being employed in a variety of settings (military, corporate business, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.) and will critically appraise how these M&S methods might be used in certain DoD domains.
  2. Students will identify a specific area, or issue, in DoD that has the potential to be addressed through emerging or future models and simulations and create a concept pitch.
  3. Students will exercise critical and creative thinking to synthesize information to propose future use cases for models and simulations based upon expected potential needs in DoD.
  4. Students will learn how their concept pitch could be carried out via the SBIR/STTR process and be able to describe the goals and procedures of SBIR/STTR including topic creation, funding, and execution.