MV4474 Virtual Environment Network and Software Architectures

This course covers the design and implementation of network and software architectures for real-time, interactive 3D virtual environments (VEs). Network architecture topics include a taxonomy for networked virtual environments, distributed interactive simulation protocols (DIS and HLA), virtual reality modeling language (VRML), agent-based network protocols (Java/Telescript), proposed solutions for large-scale networked virtual environments (area of interest mangers and object brokers), multicast backbone tools, and developments, and virtual reality transfer protocol proposals. Software architecture topics include representative software architectures for VEs (NPSNET, DIVE, MASSIVE,...), commercial toolkits for VE development (WorldToolKit, Division's dvs, Performer,...), lag in multiprocessor virtual environments, and the HCI implications on VE network and software architectures.


MV3500 or the consent of instructor

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