MV4000 Hamming: Learning to Learn

Richard W. Hamming's original capstone course EC4000 "Learning to Learn: Future of Science and Engineering" has been fully digitized and placed online. This course presents the distilled career insights of a preeminent thinker. In 1968 Dr. Hamming was recipient of the Turing Award, the highest honor in computer science, for his work on numerical methods, automatic coding systems, and error-detecting and error-correcting codes. This course is intended to instill a "style of thinking" that will enhance one's ability to function as a problem solver of complex technical issues. With respect, students sometimes called the course "Hamming on Hamming" because he relates many research collaborations, discoveries, inventions and achievements of his own. This collection of stories and carefully distilled insights relates how those discoveries came about. Most importantly, these presentations provide objective analysis about the thought processes and reasoning that took place as Dr. Hamming, his associates and other major thinkers, in computer science and electronics, progressed through the grand challenges of science and engineering in the twentieth century. Prerequisites: None.

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