MR3572 Operational Oceanography and Meteorology Lab

This course is intended to insure a flexible hands-on experience deploying equipment in a realistic environment. Students will be required to design their individual field programs working with the instructor and the curriculum's program officer. Approved programs include: 1) design and implementation of coastal ocean or atmosphere sampling protocols using unmanned vehicles, 2) design and implementation of monitoring plans for the surf zone or estuarine environments (in this case OC4210 may be taken as an alternative), 3) design and implementation of sampling protocols for the atmosphere using fixed-location or aircraft-based sensors, 4) design of and participation in upper-ocean or lower-atmosphere sampling protocols at polar ice camps, and 5) design of and participation in deep-water surveys onboard ocean-going research vessels using NPS vessel time or faculty-mentored cruises of opportunity.


MR3571 (may be taken concurrently) or consent of instructor

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  • Fall
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