MR3419 Assessment of Atmospheric Factors in EM/EO Propagation

The course addresses atmospheric parameters and their distribution that affect propagation of electromagnetic and Electro-optical (EM/EO) waves and describes their assessment with in situ and satellite borne sensors. It relates propagation phenomena to wavelength-dependent controlling atmospheric influences. Students receive demonstrations of obtaining web-site available atmospheric descriptions. There are demonstrations and exercises with computer based assessment codes that relate EM/EO propagation to measured and predicted atmospheric properties: PROPHET (HF), AREPS (UHF VHF-SHF), EOTDA&NOVAM (IR). Discussions will occur on display/distribution of global atmospheric and oceanic conditions supporting specific operational systems. Satellite sensor retrieval procedures will be described and demonstrated.


Calculus based physics and math through multivariable calculus. Enrollment in International Electronic Warfare and Electronics/Communication.

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  • As Required