MN3362 Acquisition Design Verification and System Assessment

Advanced Acquisition Program. This course examines Developmental, Operational, and Joint Test & Evaluation as viewed from the Program Manager's perspective. The student will be able to distinguish the difference between the various testing types and the impact testing results will have on the decision makers thought process. Actual military and civilian test cases are used as examples for discussion purposes. Topics include the role of T&E in the Systems Engineering Process, T&E policy Structure and Oversight Mechanism, Requirements Generation, Modeling and Simulation, Alternative Acquisition Program T&E, Human systems Integration and Live Fire T&E. Integrative case studies involving managerial problem solving and decision making in the PMO environment are also used to provide application of concepts in both IPT teaming and multiple-role individual settings. Teamwork exercises are conducted to reinforce concepts and add real-world human dynamics. Upon completion, all exercises are evaluated with after-action reviews and assessments.


MN3331 or consent of instructor

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